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    Are you active on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp? Earn weekly income by sharing sponsored posts to your friends and contacts..

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      WhatsApp - You get Min of N10 & Max of N200 per post shared.
      Telegram - You get Min of N10 & Max of N200 per post shared.
      Status - You get Min of N10 & Max of N200 per post shared.

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    About Us
Championing human to human social
Building a beloved brand is not simply about the product or service a business sells, but the connections it makes with the people who love and trust it. At Naira Brand, we believe there’s nowhere this is more important today than on social media.

We are more than software
We hold our values close and live them each and every day because we're determined to leave our team, customers and communities better than how we found them. And that's why we are Africa's biggest growing social media ad network